“Energy & Digitalisation: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Application in Energy Sector”

24 July 2020

14.00 – 16.00 JKT Time

Opening Remark

Eddie Widiono - Founder & Chairman PJCI (Indonesia Smart Grid Initiative)

Keynote Speaker

Hammam Riza - Head of BPPT (Agency for the Assessment & Application Technology),

Ministry of Research & Technology, Indonesia

Ardi Sutedja - Chairman of Indonesia Cyber Security Forum (ICSF)

Krishna Ariadi Pribadi - Director of COGNIXY Artificial Intelligence

Ferri Limputra - Direktur Utama PT. Prima Mitra Teknologi Energi


Irwanda Wisnu WardhanaFiscal Policy Agency (FPA), Ministry of Finance Indonesia


In high-tech industry, AI is the one with most potential. Artificial intelligence (AI) makes it possible for machines to accomplish specific tasks by processing large amounts of information in form of data and recognising patterns within the data.  Today AI has taken a crucial place in many sectors and with increasing digitisation and increased flow of information every day, the longer term for AI looks promising.  With Artificial Intelligence expanding itself every day, energy sector has also not been left untouched by it. AI and energy sector are a perfect match to each other. AI thrives on data and the energy resources are flooded with huge chunk of data coming from power grids, wind-farm operations and even oil-companies. AI enhances every part of energy sector. From forecasting data, resource management, etc, AI creates new challenges and opportunities in energy sector. AI coupled with other technologies like cloud computing can process, stream, analyse and interpret data precisely and with unimaginable speed to make the energy sector more efficient and secure. Source: WhaTech - Artificial Intelligence Blog 

In this Energy Talk we will discuss how AI is and will be widely used across the energy sector as well as the opportunities & challenges of AI implementation in the Energy sector.