Indonesia’s Most Authoritative and Comprehensive Power Generation, Renewable Energy & Electric Equipment Exhibition to be held in Early September

Jakarta, Wednesday August, 2017

With the government continuing to utilize affordable energy generating sources, it is expected to maintain efforts towards energy demand and the environment. These obligations are driving the government to carry out a variety of energy conservation policies in the form of increasing efficiency of energy use, both in the demand side and the supply side, for the industrial sector, transportation, households and commercial enterprises.

The government and PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) are currently discussing revisions of the Electricity Procurement Business Plan (RUPTL) for the 2017-2026 period. On these revisions, there are a few components of the energy mix that have been changed. One of them is a boost in the use of new and renewable energy for electricity generation projects.

New and renewable energy (EBT) can be utilized as energy sources for power generation. Aside from being high in economic value, the potential of EBT in Indonesia is regarded to be boundless. As such, the usage of EBT needs to be maximized as much as possible.

Support for the development of EBT also comes from the Indonesia Electricity Society (MKI). MKI Executive Secretary Bambang Hermawanto says that the role of the private sector in the development of EBT is very much anticipated, considering the fact that demand for alternative energy is becoming increasingly urgent and that EBT must reach its target of 23 percent of the nation’s energy mix by 2025.

“If we were to position the MKI, it would be between the players, operators and regulators. If we want to make a push, we certainly want our push to be adjusted to the government’s program of affordable electricity. We are supportive on the development of EBT, including various aspects of electrical energy, especially when it comes to the program of reducing emission through conventional oil, coal and gas resources, alongside EBT and conventionals from the side of emissions,” Bambang said.

MKI encourages the utilization of EBT, but hope the government can lend its guidance and support for investors. “For example, investors invest and get an adequate return from doing so. On the other hand, you have the government providing affordable electricity prices to consumers. I see this as two different agendas. It is competitive, but the investment cannot be met from the consumer side,” Bambang said.

Investment for the utilization of EBT is no small matter. Lately, out of 53 companies, there are still 11 companies that have withdrawn to cooperate in projects with PLN.

Bambang sees that there is a gap between the aforementioned investment and competitive prices. In view of this gap, MKI is pushing for intensive discussion between private developers and the government in the provision of electricity for the public. “MKI is constantly socializing its Electricity Vision of realizing a society with the proper supply of electricity that is equally spread out across Indonesia and is sustainable,” he said.

Tariff conditions established by the government through Ministry Regulation No. 12/2017, which covers electricity tariffs based on renewable energy, carries with it the tariffs that the public can access. “We are pushing things so that EBT investment can be conducive, as alternative energy needs are becoming increasingly urgent and because EBT needs to reach a targeted 23 percent of the nation’s energy mix by 2025.” Bambang added.

As part of his involvement in the upcoming Electric, Power & Renewable Indonesia 2017 expo, Bambang expressed hopes that this event would be a means to introduce new technologies that can be used as solutions for industries in relation to the utilization of electricity. “This year we will have a two day-long conference that will focus on the latest environmentally-friendly technological innovations.” he said.

The Electric, Power & Renewable Indonesia 2017 expo is set to be held from September 6-9, 2017, at the JIExpo Kemayoran in Jakarta. This exhibition will be an ideal platform for providers of renewable industrial facilities, electricity needs and electricity generation companies for the industrial sector.

Wiwek Roberto, Project Director at Pamerindo Indonesia, said that Pamerindo is very supportive of the government’s programs, not only when it comes to utilizing new and renewable energies, but also putting electricity and power into a single platform that can bring together decision makers with their respective industries.

“This exhibition is always much anticipated. The response from last edition’s crowd of visitors was outstanding. We hope that this year’s visitor numbers increase to around 20.500 visitors throughout the four days of the event, compared to 2 years ago,” Wiwiek said.

More than 914 companies from 39 countries / regions, both local and foreign are participating. The event also includes 7 pavilions for China, Germany, Korea-KEMC, Korea-KOEMA, Singapore, Taiwan (TEEMA) and Turkey across 17,500 square meters of exhibit area. The presence of big brands is expected to satisfy the demands of stakeholders for the electric, power and renewable energy industries.

Siemens is one such big brand. As a global technology provider that focuses on the fields of electricity, automation and digitization, Siemens is set to introduce its latest products at Electric, Power & Renewable Indonesia 2017.

“At EPRE 2017, Siemens will present technologies and energy- and resource-saving systems, as well as solutions to support the digital transformation of the energy and manufacturing sector in Indonesia. We will introduce a 44-megawatt aerodynamic gas turbine that is highly efficient, the SGT-A45TR mobile power generation, and an HL-class turbine from Siemens, the SGT-8000H, which offers higher efficiency electricity generation,” said Julieta Glasmacher, Head of Corporate Communications at PT. Siemens Indonesia.

Meanwhile, PT ABB Sakti Industri will also introduce the latest technology at the EPRE 2017 exhibition. “At this year’s Electric, Power, and Renewable Energy Indonesia, ABB will be presenting our various solutions that help our customers in Indonesia capitalize on the efficiency and performance improvements that digitalization delivers today. Let’s write the future. Together. In Indonesia,“ Said Astrid Damayanti, Country Communications at PT ABB Sakti Industri


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