The Indonesian Electrical Power Society

Conference Announcement and Call for Papers CIEPS 2017

6-7 September 2017
JIEXPO Kemayoran Jakarta

The Indonesia Electricity Society (MKI) as the host for CIEPS 2017 are pleased to invite you to submit papers for the Workshop of CIEPS 2017. The Conference which will be held on 6 to 7 September 2017 in JIEXPO Jakarta

All papers selected will be presented at Technical Sessions of CIEPS 2017 and all papers submitted will be distributed to the CIEPS participants on USB drives and will publish in MKI Journal 2017.
The Technical Sessions at CIEPS 2017 are to share case studies, on-site lessons and experiences, overviews of recent technologies and design strategies, and industry best practices. We are pleased to invite all energy players to contribute original papers to be presented at CIEPS on the theme, “Energy Sustainability and Security : Choices and Challenges for Power Supply Industry”.

You are invited to select one of the following eight topic categories :

Topic Categories

A. Power Generation

  1. Operation Reliability
  2. Safety Improvement
  3. Distributed Power

B. Green Power

  1. Clean Coal Technology
  2. Hydro Power
  3. Biomass & Waste Power
  4. Geothermal
  5. Solar Cell
  6. Wind Power

C. Transmission

  1. Design and Development of T&D Equipments and Substations
  2. Operational Experiences and Lessons Learned
  3. Blackout Prevention/Restoration and Emergency Strategies
  4. Distribution System and Impacts of Variable Renewable Energy

D. Distribution & Smart Grid

  1. Policy and Planning of Smart Grid
  2. Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)/ Demand Response (DR)
  3. Automation and Control System
  4. ICT and Cyber Security of Smart Grid/Interoperability

E. Green Energy & Environment

  1. Evaluation of Environmental Impacts
  2. Financing & Investment in Green Energy
  3. Barriers & Challenges

F. New Technologies& Appliances

  1. Superconductor
  2. Load forecasting
  3. Generation Expansion Plan
  4. Transmission & Distribution Planning
  5. Energy Modeling

G. Project Management

  1. Supply Chains Management
  2. EPC Contract
  3. Lesson Learned on Project Execution
  4. Primary Energy Sales Purchase Agreement

H. Asset Management

  1. New Method in Maintenance
  2. Logistic & Transportation

Style Guide for Submitting Abstracts and Papers to CIEPS 2017

Important Deadlines
• Submission of abstracts : 31 July 2017
• Notification of acceptance : 16 August 2017
• Submission of full papers : 31 Agust 2017

Abstract and Full Paper Submission Guidelines


  • The paper must be substantially different from any published work.
  • The paper cannot be under review for any other conference or journal at any point during the Call for Papers process.
  • The paper must be written in proper English as a Microsoft WORD document and should be submitted in the original doc or docx format and PDF format.
  • The total length of the full paper must not exceed 15 pages.
  • Exposing any commercial symbol, logo, or other similar attributes is prohibited.
  • Authors should make the file names of abstracts and full papers according to the Code. Code example: if your topic is in a “category A – Power Generation” and relates to “1. Operation Reliability” your Code is “A.1” and the file names should be as follows:
     For Abstract: AB_ A.1_ Title of your paper
     For full paper : FP_A.1_ Title of your paper

Text Layout

  • The paper must be typed in single column format on international standard size A4 paper with margins of 2.54 cm.
  • The main text should be single-spaced and in 10 pt Times New Roman font. Foot notes should appear in 9 pt font.
  • The title of the paper should be typed two lines in 14 pt, boldface, capital letters followed by a blank line and the name (s) of author(s) in 10 pt, with initials and first letter of last name or family name only in capital, followed by the postal address of the corresponding author and email address in 10 pt, respectively.
  • Any author(s) belonging to a different organization should be listed below with a blank line above their name(s). The title, names of the author(s) and organization(s) should be centered.
  • A suitable length of the abstract is about 200 words, typed in 10 pt, italic, with a blank line below the title ABSTRACT typed in bold and with separation of one blank line from the last organizational address.
  • Authors must list below the abstract 3-5 key words (not phrases) which should start on the same line as the title KEYWORDS typed in bold & italic, separated by commas, and with separation of one blank line from the last abstract line.

Structure (no more than 15 pages in total)

All papers should include :

  1. Title and Authors’ information
  2. Abstract,
  3. Introduction
  4. Main Contents
  5. Results
  6. Conclusions, Recommendations or Discussion, and
  7. References.

Paper Presentation

Authors will be notified to present the paper in oral in the Technical Sessions or poster presentation at CIEPS 2017, which should be prepared as follows:

  1. Oral Presentation at the Technical Sessions: v’ Presentation format : Microsoft Power point 2007 version or later v’ Font : Arial with 22 pts
  2. Poster Presentation : To be determined.

Click here to download Abstract Template for CIEPS 2017 (Microsoft word format)